Environmental planning

Water requires space, and environmental planning is demanding. Nelen & Schuurmans can advice you on the optimal design and installation of water systems in relation to environmental planning. We go beyond making a water inventory and have an open eye for both the water quality and the water’s ecological quality and image.

Regional water management

In case of extreme rainfall water is stored and drained away. Although the principle is simple, this is an accurate affair. We make sure  rainwater doesn’t cause any flooding. With careful consideration, we always look for innovative solutions.


While ecology and water quality are closely connected, the design of water ways and banks also form an important link. In this field we concern ourselves with the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive, water quality and ecology in urban surroundings, monitoring plans and data processing.

Urban water

In urban surroundings a well functioning water system is essential. Whether the issue is safety, healthcare, flooding, urban design, spatial quality, recreation, nature development, energy or traffic; in all cases there is a direct or indirect relationship to the urban water system


Dutch civilians may count on protection against flooding. And if something were to go wrong, a calamity organization will be ready to take action and attention will be paid to environmental planning of the threatened land. In the field of safety our consults are  distinctive.

Information technology

Information is the foundation of decision-making. Information technology makes sure you can always access relevant information, where-ever you are. We acts as consultant for, and build information systems using the latest means of communication


(Waste)water systems are dynamic systems, the currents of which strongly vary in time. Our control department advices on as well as  implements real-time control systems for sewerage, purification plants, outlet systems and rivers, using the latest technologies in ICT and control.