We provide consultancy for water management issues in urban and rural areas. Our consultants enjoy thinking off the beaten path, asking difficult questions in order to find optimal solutions. At Nelen and Schuurmans we partner with our clients and see ourselves as associates, rather than mere executors.

Our Services

Our services touch on a wide array of skills related to our field of expertise, water. Whether it be dikes, rivers, sewers or water treatment plants: we think on an academic level and act pragmatically.

Urban Water

Understanding precisely how an urban water system works during extreme precipitation is important information for its optimisation. Using state-of-the-art modelling and measuring technology, we assist are clients in finding a tailored solution for their particular situation.

Water Safety

Thanks to our Lizard-flooding and 3Di software, seeing and understanding the effects of a dike breach has never been more accessible. These applications visualise weak spots and indicate whether or not measures are working effectively.

Operational Water Management

Operational water management can often be done more cost-effecively and transparently. Our decision support system FEWS facilitates the manager in this process, while ControlNEXT allows for fully automated management, eliminating the need for manager intervention.


Water quality is an important part of our ecosystem and depends on many factors. Predicting or identifying the causes of low water quality can be a challenging task. Our ecological consultants are equipped with tools to help our clients choose the right measures.


Flooding is an important subject to us: it occurs with increasing frequency and affects not only polders and drainage systems, but also impacts urban and elevated areas. Using 3Di, our hydrologists analyse these processes in very high detail. Together with our clients, we increase flood resilience with ground-breaking technology.



We believe that water management is closely related to information management. We have developed information products that give managers insight into the performance of their water system. Our claim is that "better information leads to better decisions". Better decision-making means greater cost effectiveness, while maintaining a high quality.


Lizard is a web-based information portal for water and waste systems. This central information portal collects all of the necessary data, allowing both managers and specialists to efficiently execute tasks.



3Di is a groundbreaking and versatile water management instrument developed for operational water management, calamity management and spatial planning design. The 3Di user interface enables decision makers and civilians to visualise the impact of proposed measures in various climate scenarios.


National Precipitation Radar

Precipitation is a dominant process which requires close monitoring. Providing the best radar images currently available, the National Precipitation Radar is currently being developed for use by water boards, municipalities and Rijkswaterstaat. The high quality imagery is made possible by combining Dutch, Belgian and German radar stations and ground stations.



Lizard-flooding is the national flooding database of the Netherlands, storing nearly every flooding scenario computed in the past five years. Based on this information, lizard-flooding is also used to compute potential flooding scenarios.


ControlNEXT is a cutting-edge, generic real-time control system that can be connected to all telemetry systems currently on the market. ControlNEXT has been implemented successfully in various polders and sewer systems.


Commissioned by the IJkdijk foundation, the Dike Data Service Centre (DDSC) processes, stores and presents all available levee data in real time. State-of-the-art ‘big’ data technology enables the processing of these vast amounts of data. DDSC is currently being used by several water bodies.

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EFCIS is a user-friendly web application specifically developed for storing, managing and analysing ecological and physical-chemical water quality data. EFCIS enables users to visualise (KRW-) test scores in space and time.



Uploadservice allows our clients to track and gather data for projects with ease. A map lets clients know if all goes according to plan.



We aim to provide the best solutions for managers in the water sector. For this reason, we provide fully configured and continuously updated information and modelling systems. We also offer professional hosting and a 24/7 service desk.

Data and Model Management

Hardware and hosting are just as important to the reliability of an information system as the software. Our IT specialists assist our clients in hosting models and data in the cloud or on-premise.

Cloud Solutions

We support water bodies and municipalities with cloud solutions in order to facilitate the storage and hosting of databases, GIS and other software. Our software can also be installed on-premise.


We currently host more than 30 fully configured FEWS systems for several water managers. Our extensive knowledge and experience with FEWS and IT systems allows us to provide support swiftly and economically.